True Video Game Like Experience

Math Games For K-6 Grade

Aligned to CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE & IB Boards

Higher-Order Thinking Skills

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LearnPanda Math

Educational Math Games with Over 1.5 Crore Questions Answered

Comprehensive Curriculum

Comprehensively aligns to CBSE, ICSE, Cambridge and IB to create a personalized learning experience for students.

Detailed Performance Dashboard

Specialized web dashboard with real-time statistics and detailed reports on student’s progress.

Adaptive Learning System

Recommends math games that adjust according to each student’s ability and provides learning assistance through machine learning.

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LearnPanda Smart Tech Courses

Introduction to Smart Tech Courses by Industry Experts

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    Foundation Courses
    Build a solid foundation in emerging technologies such as AI, ML, Cyber Security, IoT, BlockChain and Cloud Technologies.
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    Intermediate & Advanced Courses
    Get an in-depth understanding of courses that are going to shape the future in the world of smart tech.
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    LearnPanda LMS facilitates end to end management of all teaching and learning processes of your school


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    Why Choose LearnPanda Math?

    Let’s Make Curriculum Aligned Learning Fun


    Game-Based Learning

    High level of gamification aligned to your school’s learning objective with over 1.5 crores math questions answered for K-6 grade


    Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)

    Curriculum-aligned games designed to bring kids all the way through creating, evaluating and analyzing math games and puzzles based on HOTS


    Adaptive Algorithms

    Scale the difficulty level of games significantly based on each student’s progress in math lessons



    Detailed performance dashboard for parents & teachers to oversee each student’s progress in math topics individually


    Award & Rewards System

    With points, badges and a leaderboard, identify learners achievements, capture their interest and keep them motivated to learn


    Endlessly Engaging

    Highly interactive, emotionally and cognitively engaging learning experience