About Us

LearnPanda's (InnovEd K-12 Technologies) focus is on helping K-12 communities teach, learn and communicate with confidence. From introducing students to concepts that are going to define the future to our seamless LMS, we are here to help your school thrive.


More About LearnPanda

LearnPanda (InnovEd K-12 Technologies), an aspiring start-up, is backed by two pioneering groups - iNurture Education Solutions,
an EdTech solution provider that has been making strides in the higher education segment for over 10 years and the members of the family that run the VST Group, which has over 100 years of experience in the automotive industry - from manufacturing tractors & power tillers to selling vehicles through its multiple dealerships.

At LearnPanda, we believe that knowledge is power and once students develop a passion for learning, they will never cease to grow.


To empower students by helping them build foundational skills in new-age technologies in order for them to thrive in a progressive, technology-reliant, global society.


To build a dynamic ecosystem that impacts students and teachers positively and helps them grow to their true potential.