Our Course Takeaways

  • Master the Role of AI, Working of AI Machines (Google Translator, Siri, Alexa etc.)
  • Understand Even the Subsets of AI - Machine Learning, Deep Learning (NLP)
  • Python - introduction to Python, Variables, Functions, Conditional Statement

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Artificial Intelligence for Kids

Imagine being able to make a computer do ANYTHING for you. AI is the tool that turns this surreal statement into reality. Quoted as “THE skill” of the 21st century, AI is technically an extensive science of designing intelligent machines capable of performing feats limited to human resources in general.

Why teach it to your kid, specially SmartTech?

The globe is revolutionising with every blink. Deep technologies are becoming essential to the skill palette presumed will be required for the highest-paying jobs of the future. This calls for today’s generation to constantly strive to remain digitally relevant.


Learning about SmartTech allows your child to explore their options and polish them at the most appropriate age. It is unfortunate that even though these technologies are vital for the future professional sphere, our academia is devoid of them.

With LearnPanda’s artificial intelligence course for kids, your child can tap into the depths of these innovative technologies and channel their inner entrepreneur in all scientifically creative ways possible.

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Try it before you buy it! We offer a totally transparent experience in our try-out sessions to ensure that they can wholeheartedly understand and enjoy the AI journey they are about to begin, before jumping straight into it.

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The LearnPanda Extraordinaire

Engaging videos leave a more extended memory than other means of communication. LearnPanda leverages the same to make sure the knowledge gained by your child is not only understood easily but sustained.

Nothing speaks more to children than stories. LearnPanda effectively works for teaching through precisely that. We make sure that what our students learn is equally relatable as informative.

Firsthand activities and concept-driven projects profoundly impact a child’s brain. They tend to grasp facts more quickly if made a part of it themselves. Thus, LearnPanda designs courses to be DIY-inclusive to ensure practical learning.

With a hands-down presence of 10+ years in deep tech, LearnPanda brings a highly authenticated, up-to-date syllabus to its platform. Bargaining its established Industry connect, it has a market monopoly for being an exclusive channel for an on-point and accurate curriculum.

The most challenging part of exploring these technologies for a child can be understanding the advanced core concepts. LearnPanda’s strong team of K-12 learning experts and psychologists dedicatedly simplify the same and make it easily digestible for your kid.

Course Blueprint

Student Journey

  • First Step (First Course)

    Classes 1 - 5
    Foundation Course
    Artificial Intelligence

  • Second Step (Second Course)

    Classes 6 - 10
    Foundation Course
    Cyber Security

  • Third Step (Third Course)

    Classes 11 - 15
    Foundation Course
    Internet of Things

  • Fourth Step (Fourth Course)

    Classes 16 - 45
    Advanced Course
    AI, IoT & CS

  • Fifth Step (Fifth Course)

    Classes 46 - 90
    Professional Course
    Al, IoT & CS

Personal vs Group Learning

Personal Learning(1 Teacher & 1 Student)

  • Core Curriculum
  • LIVE & Online
  • Reschedule of classes
  • Choice of Teacher
  • Refund Policy
  • Missed Class Notes & Videos

Group Learning(1 Teacher & Upto 4 Students)

  • Core Curriculum
  • LIVE & Online
  • Reschedule of classes
  • Choice of Teacher
  • Refund Policy
  • Missed Class Notes & Videos

What Our Students Say

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FAQs and Resources

At LearnPanda, we expose your child to future dominant technologies using real-life analogies, in-class activities, hands-on projects, animated videos and story-driven lessons. When the time comes for your child to make a choice (E.g. Grade 11), he/she can make an informed decision based on actual hands-on experience rather than some superficial understanding of a hot buzzword. The classes will happen on LearnPanda’s proprietary ACE platform. Moreover, the LearnPanda Approach will foster communication skills, confidence and a ‘can do’ attitude in your child - skills essential to face life successfully.
  • LearnPanda offers live, online classes in 1:2 format (One tutor to two students).
  • 1:1 personalised learning and 1:4 group classes are also available.
  • A Dedicated LearnPanda tutor will take the classes for the duration of the course.
  • The classes will happen on LearnPanda’s proprietary SMART platform.
  • To join a class, your child needs a desktop/laptop, broadband internet, camera and mic.
The LearnPanda Curriculum has been carefully crafted to improve your child’s creative expression, critical thinking skills, complex problem solving skills & to enhance cognitive flexibility. Moreover, the LearnPanda Approach will foster communication skills, confidence and a ‘can do’ attitude in your child - Life skills essential to face life successfully.
For 1:1 Class: A no-questions-asked refund policy for all the pending classes. Refund within 5-7 working days.

For 1:2 & 1:4 Class: Partial refund of pending classes.