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What Our Students Say

Sarvesha Das

Grade 6

“This course was very helpful and the teacher explained the concepts in simple language ..”

Devaprakash P

Grade 7

“They taught me with many examples which made the learning very easy…Overall, it was a great experience”

Takshvi Goel

Grade 8

“The way the course has been taught has not only helped me lay a strong foundation to understand the concepts but also aroused my interest to do and explore more within this space..”

Rakshan Rajesh

Grade 6

“The LearnPanda course improved my interest towards learning AI programming. The teacher made the topics clear and interesting”

Deeraj C

Grade 6

“My LearnPanda teacher was energetic & friendly. She gave me a strong knowledge on the basics in a very short time… The hands-on experience to create my own app was really amazing”

Our Course Takeaways

  1. Master the Role of AI, Working of AI Machines (Google Translator, Siri, Alexa etc.)
  2. Understand the Subsets of AI – Machine Learning, Deep Learning (NLP)
  3. Python – introduction to Python, Variables, Functions, Conditional Statement

Artificial Intelligence for Kids

Imagine being able to make a computer do ANYTHING for you. AI is the tool that turns this surreal statement into reality. Quoted as “THE skill” of the 21st century, AI is technically an extensive science of designing intelligent machines capable of performing feats limited to human resources in general.

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