At LearnPanda, we give your child exposure to future dominant technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security & Internet of Things.

We use our proprietary LearnPanda Method using real-life analogies, in-class activities, hands-on projects, animated videos, and story-driven lessons so that your child builds a rock-solid foundation in, and a genuine passion for, emerging disruptive technologies. 

We have one of the largest pools of Domain Experts in the Country with 400+ Thought Leaders, Subject Masters, and Industry Titans.

Benefits to kids

When the time comes for your child to make a choice (E.g. Grade 11), he/she can make an informed decision based on actual hands-on experience rather than some superficial understanding of a hot buzzword. This can make all the difference.

15,000+ Inspired Students

Sarvesha Das

Grade 6

“This course was very helpful and the teacher explained the concepts in simple language ..”

Devaprakash P

Grade 7

“They taught me with many examples which made the learning very easy…Overall, it was a great experience”

Takshvi Goel

Grade 8

“The way the course has been taught has not only helped me lay a strong foundation to understand the concepts but also aroused my interest to do and explore more within this space..”

Rakshan Rajesh

Grade 6

“The LearnPanda course improved my interest towards learning AI programming. The teacher made the topics clear and interesting”

Deeraj C

Grade 6

“My LearnPanda teacher was energetic & friendly. She gave me a strong knowledge on the basics in a very short time… The hands-on experience to create my own app was really amazing”

Course Takeaways

  1. Build a solid foundation in the TOP 3 emerging technologies of the future – Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security & Internet of Things
  2. Design and develop basic AI apps such as Audio Translators & Speech-to-Text Converters
  3. Introduction to Python Programming – The best language to learn coding

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Try it before you buy it! We offer a totally transparent experience in our try-out sessions to ensure that they can wholeheartedly understand and enjoy the Disruptive Tech journey they are about to begin, before jumping straight into it.

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