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Technology has become an integral part of our lives.

The GOOD NEWS is that most children are naturally good with technology and gadgets.

The BAD NEWS is that well-meaning parents hurt their child’s technical aptitude.

Too outcome-focused rather than learning-focused

What it means is prioritizing the end goal (Eg: Building an app or website) over learning (How to build an app or website). 
This may likely lead to shallow learning – give the same child a slightly different problem to solve and he will struggle. 
Eventually ending up having the opposite effect – making the child loathe technology.

Technology domains are like an ocean

It can be confusing even for a tech-savvy child. Encourage your child to explore the different tech realms – that is what childhood is for! 

Take time out to understand tech at a high level yourself.

Waiting too long to introduce your child to tech

Kids who learn technology early have a tremendous advantage if they are already comfortable with concepts like algorithms, loops, decision-making, etc This gives them the confidence to take up harder and harder challenges as their education progresses. 

It is obvious that too much screen time is bad. 

However, like everything else in life, the other extreme of zero screen time is equally bad. Strike to aim for a balance – yes, it does take long-term effort on your side. But the effort is worth it! 

In case you want us to introduce your child to the wonders and the potential of different disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, etc, please fill-up the form below for a free class

At LearnPanda, we give your child exposure to future dominant technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security & Internet of Things.

We use our proprietary LearnPanda Method using real-life analogies, in-class activities, hands-on projects, animated videos, and story-driven lessons so that your child builds a rock-solid foundation in, and a genuine passion for, emerging disruptive technologies. 

We have one of the largest pools of Domain Experts in the Country with 400+ Thought Leaders, Subject Masters, and Industry Titans.

Benefits to kids

When the time comes for your child to make a choice (E.g. Grade 11), he/she can make an informed decision based on actual hands-on experience rather than some superficial understanding of a hot buzzword. This can make all the difference.

15,000+ Inspired Students

Sarvesha Das

Grade 6

“This course was very helpful and the teacher explained the concepts in simple language ..”

Devaprakash P

Grade 7

“They taught me with many examples which made the learning very easy…Overall, it was a great experience”

Takshvi Goel

Grade 8

“The way the course has been taught has not only helped me lay a strong foundation to understand the concepts but also aroused my interest to do and explore more within this space..”

Rakshan Rajesh

Grade 6

“The LearnPanda course improved my interest towards learning AI programming. The teacher made the topics clear and interesting”

Deeraj C

Grade 6

“My LearnPanda teacher was energetic & friendly. She gave me a strong knowledge on the basics in a very short time… The hands-on experience to create my own app was really amazing”

Course Takeaways

  1. Build a solid foundation in the TOP 3 emerging technologies of the future – Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security & Internet of Things
  2. Design and develop basic AI apps such as Audio Translators & Speech-to-Text Converters
  3. Introduction to Python Programming – The best language to learn coding

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Try it before you buy it! We offer a totally transparent experience in our try-out sessions to ensure that they can wholeheartedly understand and enjoy the Disruptive Tech journey they are about to begin, before jumping straight into it.

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