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For students who have a hard time focusing and shy away from building requisite math skills, what can truly enhance the math learning experience?

Let’s find out!

Gone are the days when playing video games signified just an activity; something to do when one needed a break and a reason behind procrastination.

Gamification is one such trend in education that’s making learning fun and is here to stay. Any teaching aid that helps a teacher keep his/her students interested and involved in the subject matter, is always a great thing. Whilst interactive lessons are great, game-based math can be a powerful learning aid. 

Game-based learning potentially encourages every child to learn math and thus educate and help them develop new skills without them realizing it.

Infusing gameplay leverages competitiveness, makes your math classroom more dynamic, significantly increases excitement and engagement in the classroom.

Gamification in simple terms is the use of game-design elements and game principles in a non-game context. It can also be defined as the process of incorporating game mechanics into anything outside the realm of gaming, like learning management systems for schools. 

Mathematics is a critical subject of every formal education school system and is used in every facet of life. Yet, many students struggle with grasping the fundamentals of this subject.

Given its importance, how can we help students enhance their math learning experience?

While there are not many hard and fast rules, gamification is one method that enables students to excel in mathematics.

How does gamification enhance learning?

Gamification does much more than just adding game elements to the school curriculum, but it is always more effective when tied with an identified learning strategy.

From developing and reinforcing basic numeracy skills to helping students develop some real-life skills, its importance comes down to the way one applies it to learning practice.

But most of us don’t realize how all of this excitement leads to quantifiable and educational improvements.

Let’s find out more on the topic!

  • Makes math fun and increases the level of engagement

The very first and possibly the biggest benefit of gamification of math is fun and excitement. Gamifying math is not meant to turn studies into a game, but it creates a learning environment that prompts students to engage in their classroom productively.

Regardless of the subject matter, gamified lessons can help teachers create an exciting and informative educational experience. Comparatively uninspired and bored students might eventually complete their tasks, but they don’t give their best effort. On the other hand, when students are having fun, they are enthusiastic about concepts and continue practising essential math skills.

One of the key benefits of gamified math is that it makes learning interactive. Game-play and competitive elements add an immersive angle, which, if set up well, can quite simply make learning fun.

  • Inspires students to practice more & takes the stress out of math

For many students, math is difficult and stressful. Therefore, getting students to learn math is tough but getting them to practice what they learn is the toughest. This is especially true for students who feel like they’re not good at math and feel frustrated about failure before they even begin.

Usually, students don’t want to practice math and many of them merely do the bare minimum that’s required. But gamification presents the opportunity to practice as it makes math fun, hence inspires them to practice more.

Gamification takes the stress out of math by tricking students to learn by playing online games. It allows students to practice math skills while they play a video game. The extra practice eventually helps to improve their math skills, allows them to develop familiarity with the core concepts, engage in significant practice and build a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

  • Increases students motivation level through virtual rewards

We all experience the drive to compete, improve and outperform others as well as ourselves. In most cases, winning even at the tiniest of tasks makes students happy and is immensely motivating to keep them going.

Well, it doesn’t take a big reward to motivate students. Quite often, even a simple recognition like hearing ‘good job’ makes a difference.

Rewards like points, badges and leadership boards not just motivate students to be more and more productive, but creates a sense of achievement and encourage them to complete their homework as well. Reward systems increase students’ motivation level and endorse school efforts as it leads to a greater learning outcome. It urges students to show interest and raise the level of participation every single day.

  • Encourage questioning and make space for curiosity

With gamification, learning is not limited only to the classroom. The interaction associated with the process of learning through gamified math can help learners understand better and improve critical thinking skills.

In gamified math, every lesson is new, fresh, and unique, therefore, it presents a good mind-bending challenge, encourages questioning, and keeps students on their toes. So, every single day, learning takes place most unexpectedly and makes space for curiosity in children.

The process of gamified learning takes students on a journey of activities for them to experience and put lessons into context. Through experiences, relevance, and repetition, gamification makes learning stick.

Gamification is all about well-designed game-based math which gets every learner excited about learning math as they would be about playing a video game as a child.

How LearnPanda Can Help?

LearnPanda offers a curriculum-aligned gamified math solution that improves students’ interest in math, teaches the core concepts in mathematics and keeps them engrossed in practising important math skills.

Our game-based math can be easily aligned with in-class materials. It also incorporates adaptive learning and differentiated instruction to modify content based on different learning objectives and students’ capabilities.

With LearnPanda gamified math solution, it is now easier than ever to instill a positive attitude and watch just how much students can achieve in math.

Want an effective gamified solution that can improve students’ attitude towards math? Try LearnPanda Gamified Math – the curriculum-aligned math solution today.

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