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Internationally Trusted Gamified Math Solution Now in India. Mapped to CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE & IB boards.

LearnPanda Math’s curriculum aligned activities offer true game-like engagement for students as they get the much needed math practice.

Over 14,00,000 students from thousands of schools across the world use LearnPanda Math.

Global Awards & Recognitions

LearnPanda Math and Your School

LearnPanda Math is an exciting educational math game for your school students that stimulates and engages them with intuitive game-based lessons! It teaches the core concepts and keeps them engrossed to practice important math skills through creating, evaluating and analyzing math games and puzzles. Our learning ecosystem has advantages for all stakeholders:

For Teachers


Adaptive Learning: The concepts’ difficulty level adjusts according to each student’s ability and provides learning assistance through machine learning.

Comprehensive Content: Aligns to multiple syllabi (CBSE, ICSE, Cambridge and IB) with over 10,00,000 math problems for K-6 grade students.

Detailed Performance Dashboard: Specialized performance dashboard for teachers to keep track of each student’s progress. With real-time statistics, it details progress in math topics & chronologically analyzes player’s performance as well as progress.

Personalized Teaching: Our gamified math ecosystem gives teachers the ability to assign games based on the topics taught or as per their lesson plan.

For School Leaders

World-class Curriculum: Built by a highly experienced team of industry experts, math teachers, creative thinkers, technologists, strategists and education consultants.

High Student Performance: For students who have been average or below average in Maths till now.

Realtime Tracking: Tracking student performance in a real-time & objective manner.

Year-Long Training & Support: Success manager to provide support and implementation management all year long. Alongside, free training tailored to your schools’ and teachers needs.


For Students


Differentiated Learning Experiences: Engaging, differentiated learning experiences create room for learning and practicing math in school and at home which in turn instill new knowledge in each student.

Freedom to Fail: It improves the tendency to not give up on seemingly impossible questions or the failure to grasp math concepts and gives the freedom to try again without any negative repercussions.

Ownership of Learning: Gives students’ ownership of their learning and allows them to experience opportunities for autonomy, competence and relatedness.

Endlessly Engaging Offers a highly interactive, emotionally and cognitively engaging experience to equip students with the ability to acquire specific mathematics skills and make sense of new information.

Give your school the LearnPanda Advantage

Adaptive Learning

The difficulty level adjusts according to every kid’s ability

Comprehensive Content

Over 10,00,000 math problems for K-6 grades

Endless Engagement

Highly interactive, emotionally and cognitively engaging learning experience

Video Game Experience

High level of gamification aligned to learning objectives

Learning Assistant

Recommends the next suitable game through Machine Learning

Higher-Order Thinking

Math Games to help kids think out of the box

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