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Top 4 Qualities of a Good Maths Teacher

“The best teacher is not the one who knows most but the one who is most capable of reducing knowledge to that simple compound of the obvious and wonderful.”

– H. L. Mencken

A good maths teacher can make a world of difference in a student’s life, impacting everything from their classroom learning to their long-term academic success. 


For students who have a hard time focusing and shy away from building requisite maths skills, a good maths teacher has the power to change that. A great maths teacher makes his/her class a place where students want to be.

Good maths teachers are lifelong learners who are dedicated to students’ academic development. They typically continue to learn, reflect and improve to further develop their methods and skills.

So what are the top qualities of a good maths teacher?

Let’s dive in!

#Quality 1. Bring Learning into Real-World

Maths teachers who bring their students’ learning into the real world are often some of the most engaging. A good maths teacher can help students form connections with the subject. They make sure that students understand the concepts and not just memorize the equations. Instruction that builds on previously acquired skills is more effective than teaching maths in a sequence of discrete units.

Good maths teachers acquire the quality to make maths applicable to students’ lives. One of the most effective teaching strategies for a maths teacher is to ensure that students get plenty of classroom experience and understand the practical application of what they’re learning.

Effective maths teachers look for opportunities to get students out of the classroom to connect what they are learning in the classroom to the real world in real-time.

#Quality 2. Effective Goal-Setting

Apart from setting students up for success in school, effective goal-setting also helps increase awareness of student’s strengths and weaknesses, clarify the learning path and build problem-solving skills. Setting goals can assist with assessing academic accomplishments while giving students clear directives on how to improve. 

The most efficient maths teachers set effective goals and clear learning objectives for students and themselves. They don’t set a limit on their students, they constantly challenge students to do their best, teach them to believe in themselves and learn to their utmost potential. However, doing so daily can be incredibly challenging, but not impossible.

For instance, you can test a student’s knowledge in comprehension during each lesson. It helps you to respond to student’s questions and provide a better understanding of the topic. You must also offer feedback that allows students to know how their performance matches up with your expectations. The timely, detailed, and constructive feedback can assist students in understanding academic expectations.

#Quality 3. Be Encouraging and Motivating

Quality of a good maths teacher is to always encourage and motivate students to do better in academics.

Great maths teachers know that students have different interests and while keeping them encouraged and motivated to learn can be a difficult task, the results can be rewarding.

A good maths teacher often comes up with a class narrative that identifies students’ source of motivation. The best way to encourage students is to get them involved in the classroom. Make participating fun by giving each student a job to do and you will be able to prevent the students from losing interest in studying mathematics.

Be enthusiastic, praise your students often. In case a student is unable to solve an equation, do not allow them to quit. Work with such students and motivate them to identify where they went wrong and keep working on the problem until they find the right answer with guidance and support where necessary.

By communicating with students at the beginning of the year about how maths applies to their favourite hobbies, sports and future careers, you will be able to approach the subject in a more enjoyable way that better supports learning.

#Quality 4. Always Prepared

Knowledge, charisma and care for students are several qualities shared by the best teachers. However, if there is one element that makes for a maths teacher’s effectiveness, it is planning. 

A maths teacher comes to class prepared to teach. They are always willing to listen and act in students' best interest.

Every day, a good maths teacher comes to class prepared to teach. It helps you get up to speed so you are not figuring things out while trying to teach students. Anticipating problems and planning accordingly boosts your confidence as it helps you take good control over the classroom. As a good maths teacher, you should always be armed with a plan to impart learning to your students each day and you will achieve your learning objectives more easily.

The most important reason to plan is that it ensures your students’ time in the classroom is worthwhile. As a teacher, you should bind all activities to specific learning objectives and connect your daily lessons to long-term units. Everything must flow together so you can help your students meet grade-level standards. 


A good maths teacher is invested in students’ success and always goes the extra mile to ensure each one understands the concepts being taught in the classroom.

Consider these 4 qualities and the action plan for putting them into practice and you will be surprised how you inspire the love for mathematics in your students regularly.

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